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These 5 tips will help you get more customers online

Many small business owners cringe when they hear the phrase “search engine optimization”, as they believe it is a game only to be played by big corporations with gigantic budgets.

The truth is, Search engine optimization (SEO) is actually a pretty easy marketing tactic that any businessperson can use to their advantage. Utilizing these 5 tips, SEO can increase your revenue by breaking more interested customers to your website.

1.Keep it Local

Make sure your business is listed as a “local” business. There should be a physical manifestation of your business, even if it takes the identity of a PO box. Chicago, Illinois is much more specific than a great company from the Midwest. Addresses always help.

2. Consistency

Every time you promote, advertise, mention, or recommend your business, you must remain consistent in language and approach. This helps both when filtering results as well as establishing one singular brand image. Varying company verbiage can confuse customers and reduce the effectiveness of SEO.

3. Claim your listings

This is an additional measure to assure that your company is legitimate and can be found and contacted quickly. Claiming a corporate listing is common practice among companies. Start with large popular directories first and then move onto the smaller local ones.

4. Keywords are Key

One of the biggest aspects of search engine optimization, and the part that most people outside of marketing think of is keyword searches. By using keywords associated with your industry, company, and brand you are able to attract more traffic and guide users to your site. This is especially important on social media. Similar to an emergency flair, a social media post evaporates after a while. Continue using bright powerful flair language, and eventually you will be approached.

5. Content is King

SEO only goes so far. There is no point in every Internet user in the world stumbling onto your website if there is nothing to see. Make sure that your website copy, video content, blogs, press releases, and social media are all well produced, accurate, and interesting. This assures that once people find your site, they will like what they see.

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