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7 Lead Generation Mistakes Marketers Must Avoid - Web N App Web Design 1

7 Lead Generation Mistakes Marketers Must Avoid

1. Short term solution for a long term problem

Ever heard of the old adage “You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or teach a man to fish a feed him for life”? Turns out it also applies to lead generation. You can rent or buy leads until the digital cows come home but you are only kicking the can down the road.
Besides, you need to generate valuable unique leads of actual interested users who want to hear from you. Such valuable leads are seldom for sale. Entice potential customers with content of value in exchange for their subscription to your mailing list. Via quality content, you have now organically generated a lead. Now do it again. And again.

2. Your lead generation content isn’t specific to the consumer.

Everyone who visits a website is going to be at a slightly different phase in the buyer’s journey. Some may be merely researching while others may be waving their cash, ready to pull the trigger.

The majority of viewers will not be ready to make a purchase immediately. You have to set their mind at ease and let them research. Instead of bombarding them with “buy now!” banners, expose them to how-to guides or other content to get them closer to the point of purchase. Another thing you can use is intelligent CTA or calls to action that appear differently to folks at different stages in the buying process. This shows them that you are catering to their needs. Your conversion chance has just skyrocketed.

3. You aren’t using a blog

Blogs can be extremely powerful lead generation tools. By offering the customer free insight, information, and content of value, they can quickly become addicted to the resource. Once they subscribe, you have generated a lead and probably earned a new customer.

4. You have the wrong testing mindset.

Many marketers use testing as a simple method to backup their ideas and methods with empirical evidence. The point they miss is that sometimes it’s far more valuable to be proven wrong. Reframe your mentality regarding testing. This valuable tool should be used to discover how certain strategies stack up against others you plan to use.

5. You Don’t Optimize Your Cash Cows

Many people fail to realize that the overwhelming majority of web traffic originates from a few specific pages on any given website. For example, this could be the homepage, contact us page, or some popular blog posts. Because so many people are landing on these “cash cow” pages of your site, you need to create a variety of opportunities to convert impressions to sales on those pages.

6. You Don’t Use Social Media Strategically

Social media is primarily effective in jobs related to the top of the sales funnel such as traffic and brand awareness. However, they can also become an inexpensive and effective lead generation tool.
The best way to utilize social media to generate leads is by combining recycled proven and effective posts with your new or experimental ones. This way your social media output still seems alive and up to date, yet still spews out lead generating winners and historically proven content that you know will lead to sales.

7. Your forms aren’t the ideal length

Like everything else in life, balance is essential when it comes to the length of your lead generating forms. If your forms are too short, you may get a ton of visitors to fill them out. However, because you know so little about them, many of these leads may prove to be poor. Conversely, if your forms are too long, fewer people will fill them out for obvious reasons. Fewer completed forms equal fewer sales. So I bet you’re wondering. Is there a magic number when it comes to form length?
Well no. When has it ever been that easy? The simple answer is the ideal number of fields on the form depends on your desired goal. If you are going for high quality leads for sales, make the forms on the longer side. If you want to simply fill up a database, make sure they stay short.

Source: Hubspot

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