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7 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

In recent years, many business owners have found a new web traffic magnet in the form of business blogs. Although it may not sound like a big deal, there are certain people who call themselves bloggers for a reason. Blogging does take some skill and industry understanding. Many amateur writers who jump into the blogging world can make simple yet detrimental mistakes that take away from the effectiveness of their blogs messaging. Here, we have outlined a few of these mistakes and how to avoid them.

1) Avoid Typos. Always.

Typos are one of the most powerful deterrents in business. In seconds they can destroy the credibility of a company or writer. Typos show a sense of urgency without regard for quality or attention to detail. If a company doesn’t even commit the time to make sure that their own content is correct, how do you think they will treat you?

2) Don’t forget to seal the deal

Another major blogging mistake is forgetting to include conversion points. If you’re going through all of the trouble to produce a blog, you may as well have some ROI (return on investment) to show for it.
Make sure that in every blog post (typically at the end), you include a call to action by inviting them to further engage with your company or even spend money today. Not every blog has to sell directly, but they should increase your sales and loyalty over time.

3) Remember to Include Images

Bloggers who don’t combine their written word with images, or video completely miss the point of a blog. These should be fun and easily digestible articles reminiscent of an old world magazine. Think how boring your favorite printed magazine would be without visuals. Strong visual components encourage us to engage with the content. A blog should be no different. By including images or video, you only increase your chances of fielding a post that generates leads.

4) Don’t over share

We mean this in the best way possible. Although you probably are a stellar business owner or marketing representative, you probably aren’t J.K. Rowling. For this reason, please avoid writing blog posts over 800 words long. Quite frankly, no one is going to read it. The average web surfer is far too impatient to read hundreds let alone thousands of words of content. Keep it short and sweet.

5) Don’t Be Pushy

Although we strongly encourage each blog to have a call to action, you can generate leads without going nuts. There is a significant difference between suggesting an action and shoving it down the reader’s throat. Going overboard with the sales speak is almost certain to cause the reader to disengage from the content, and could affect their interest in your future posts. Focus on the content then nudge, don’t shove, toward sales or further engagement.

6) Avoid Misleading Titles

You want them to view your blog post right? Yes more than anything. But you don’t want them to be turned off or frustrated when they arrive and realize the blog is vastly different from what they expected. Every blog post title should walk a fine line between intriguing a reader to click while still delivering the beneficial content in a concise and digestible manner as promised.

7) Unprofessional content

Every word you write is a direct representation of your company and brand. In the same vein of avoiding typos, if you fill blogs with unprofessional or unrelated content, you are quickly telling the world that your company doesn’t take its work or blogging seriously. That’s a problem.

Avoid these 7 common mistakes and you will instantly be ahead of the curve. Stay tuned for more Internet marketing tips and blogging guidance.

source: Hubspot

Also published on Medium.

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