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6 Ways To Send Emails That Customers Will Appreciate

1. Segment Your Users

Not all customers are created equal. As such, they should not all receive the same email. At the very least, your marketing emails should be segmented into two groups: “new customers” and “existing customers”. However, segmenting emails even more will only help your marketing effort.

For example, if you can segment the emails so that customers with different interests or purposes for visiting the site each get individual messages, they are more likely to respond positively. Now you are sending content that directly relates to their situation. Trust us, they appreciate that. There is nothing more off-putting than receiving an email with a message, which clearly doesn’t pertain to you.

2. Setup An Automated Campaign

This can be an extremely effective way of demonstrating to customers that you care, without wasting precious dollars or time writing emails manually. The catch is that in order to assure an automated email’s effectiveness, you have to be sure to monitor and respond to any incoming responses. Once you respond to their inquiry you have now set up a line of communication with a customer and begin to work on converting them to a sale. All without manual writing. Just make sure the initial automate templates are well written and realistic.

3. Don’t Use “no reply” email addresses

Had the title of this blog been “5 ways to make emails that customers will delete”, this would be at the very top. No reply or do not reply emails may be convenient, but show the customer a lack in effort. Also, unless they are merely a confirmation or alert, can be very frustrating. Occasionally customers will want to respond to your messages with a question or clarification. They will be extremely irritated when they realize your email was a reply and their response bounces back.

4. Run Simple A/B Tests

Similar to other kinds of Internet marketing, sometimes the most effective direction will be found using old-fashioned trial and error. By A/B testing various email approaches, you can easily begin to discover which techniques prove most effective and use them more often. Keep in mind that the tried and true method of A/B testing may take some time before the results can be implemented.

5. Improve Your Writing

Sloppy writing can quickly cause customers to disengage from your content. Make sure that your emails are concise, to the point, informative, helpful and maybe even funny or witty. Anything that can cause your message to stand out from the rest of the clutter in the customer’s inbox is good for you. Remember, if they appreciate the content they receive from you, they are likely to read your next email.

6. Give Away Free Knowledge

Everybody likes free stuff. Especially when “stuff” is valuable knowledge that customers can apply to their own life or business to better their current situation. People appreciate this more than they will admit, especially when under heavy pressure or constant stress. If your message helps customers to increase their revenue, they will be very grateful. Even more so, if you provide struggling customers with new hope or a way out from a sticky situation, you have just earned invaluable respect in their eyes.

Source: Unbound

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