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5 Ways to Make A Killer Facebook Ad Campaign


Luckily, Facebook is embedded with powerful metrics and tools to allow advertisers to see who their target audience is. This allows you to see who is most likely to give an impression, before risking valuable ad dollars with a shot in the dark. Selling is a million times easier when you target consumers who already want what you’re selling. Use Facebook and find out who those people are.

2. Custom Campaigns Are A Must

Another crucial strategy to successful Facebook marketing is breaking up your campaign to accommodate for a variety of different audience demographics. There may be a variety of distinctive kinds of people that despite their differences are all interested in your product or service. Just because the customer next to me and I both want soap, doesn’t mean that we have anything else in common. Use Facebook’s powerful metrics to identify all of the different audience bubbles. Once this is achieved, use a native tone and approach for each group to target them for the same product individually.

3. Provide landing pages.

Facebook ads are like helicopters. If you want them to fly, you better give them a place to land. Creating and linking independent landing pages for each ad can demonstrate that the ads are legitimate and that your business actually has the budget, time, and consideration for a proper internet presence.

4. Write. Well.

As direct as it may be, “buy my stuff now” isn’t very fun. Take a page from the book of Shakespeare or Dickens and write you ad copy (or pay someone else to) with creative language and ample imagery. You want to paint a picture in the customer’s mind so that they can’t imagine life without your product, even if they didn’t see the need for it yesterday.

5. Pick a Price

Facebook makes it incredibly easy to establish a bid strategy and adhere to a budget. You just need the advertising savvy and self-discipline to take advantage of such tools. By predetermining a budget and bid price range based on user provided financial parameters, you can prevent your company from spending extra money. These valuable savings should then be used elsewhere… strategically of course.


Succeeding with Facebook isn’t difficult. You just have to be diligent, intelligent and a little patient. Just because you don’t have overnight success doesn’t mean your strategy is off. Give it a few weeks. If you crunch the data and take full advantage of Facebook’s analytic tools, target customers individually, provide landing pages, write riveting copy and are careful to spend just enough money, you should have success sooner than later.

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